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Flying safety recommendations for pregnant women

If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, flying would be considered safer travel for you. With a bit of readiness and preparation before traveling by air, it would not sound challenging even for the first time pregnant women who are in a nerve-racking situation. 

In fact, for the parents who are about to have their first child, consider this the last chance for a solo getaway and to have a relatively relaxing couples vacation. In case of some significant emergencies with the pregnancies, air ambulance services would be the most viable and safe option to go for. Though the air ambulance cost may be quite high, that could be the lifesaver for you and your baby.  

It would be best if you never forgot to visit your doctor before traveling by air. Even after taking the permission from your doctor there are still some precautions you should take to avoid any risk and be secured such as- 

1) Awareness of the best time to travel when pregnant- 

The recommended time to fly while you are pregnant is at the time of your second trimester as during your first trimester; morning sickness would be one of the things you would be experiencing. Even the third trimester is still not suggested by doctors as it's time when the nesting instincts gradually kick in. After the 28 weeks of pregnancy, even women with low-risk pregnancies are not recommended to travel internationally.

2) Premiums to be considered at the time of flight booking- 
It does not matter when and where you decide to travel by air, snagging an aisle row is worth the extra cost. Especially for pregnant women, trips to the powder room are essential. Do not forget to go for ticket insurance as illness can pop up anytime. Keeping the backup is essential as you may have to reschedule your plans as per your health. In case you are flying a long distance, interconnecting flights would be feasible for pregnant women. Though it may take longer time than the direct flight, you will get more opportunities to stretch and have a perfect meal. 

3) Consult your doctor before flying- 
Always discuss with your doctor before flying anywhere. Your doctor may also refer you the specialist or a hospital in your destination which you must know at this time before traveling.  
Avoid flying to such places where the weather is extreme (hot or cold). 
If it's too cold, it may be difficult to survive for you as well as for the baby in your belly. If it's too hot, make sure to carry plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and avoid dehydration which may cause diarrhea or vomiting. Places with extreme altitude are also not advised to be at during pregnancy as it may lead to morning sickness, nausea or may pose specific threats.

4) Make yourself comfortable in the flight-
Certain preps which include keeping fresh fruits and veggies, dry fruits and nuts, hard boiled eggs and you should always keep the provision for healthy ready to eat things with you to avoid unhealthy and not so fresh flight food. 
Carrying a large water bottle with you on the flight is recommended. To add comfort during your flight duration, you can also pack lumbar pillows and an eye mask to combat any inescapable tiredness.

You might also observe your travel pace which may seem to be a bit slower than before which is normal and nothing is to be worried about. Just don't be stressed, be calm and relax after all you are carrying the most precious cargo.

In case of any complications of pregnancy - do get in touch with us on email or just call us on +91 9821150889.

Have a great flight!

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