Heat and Drug Overdose in Australia

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Heat and Drug Overdose in Australia

Authorities in Victoria and South Australia are urging people to behave sensibly and watch out for vulnerable friends and family as the southern states swelter through another extremely hot and humid day.

Melbourne and Geelong were forecast to reach 39C on Sunday, with overnight conditions not expected to fall below 27C.

Parts of the state’s north-west, such as Mildura, were expected to hit 44C following at least a week of temperatures into the 40s.

The lack of winds meant there was only “very high” fire danger for around Melbourne, and central north and western parts of the state, and “high” fire danger in the east.

The real danger is the heat and humidity, putting partygoers at festivals such as Midsumma, and the very young, elderly and chronically ill at high risk.
We had a case of drug overdose victim who needed to be hospitalized - stabilized and transported back home to Manila Philippines.

A young guy who was partying till wee hours of the morning  - high on alcohol and drugs collapsed and rushed in an Ambulance to the hospital.

He recovered over a period of 3 days but it was the end of his holiday.
He was advised by the Consulate to return home. 

However, not able to travel independently, he needed a Male Nurse escort which was arranged by HI Flying - Air Ambulance International to fly him back to Manila Philippines.

The arrangement was done in a Flatbed First class with IV fluids and medications standby and basic monitoring of his vital parameters.
On arrival at Manila, he was transferred to Lukes Hospital in Quezon where he seems to be recovering fast with his family by his side and taking good care of him!

To schedule a Commercial Flight Medical escort - just call us or email us - admin@hiflyingllc.com.

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