Stroke Patient-Dubai to Lahore Transport

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Stroke Patient - Dubai to Lahore Transport

A Pakistani Male National working for an Insurance company in Dubai United Arab Emirates had a medical emergency.

He was driving to work when he had sudden weakness in left-sided arms and leg and slurred speech. He stopped the car and called an Ambulance.

The Ambulance took him to Welcare hospital where an MRI scan revealed clot in one of the important vessels in the Brain. This clot was causing ischemic changes in the Brain.
However, the clinical condition of the patient continued to deteriorate and he was placed in an ICU on a ventilator.

Having exhausted his insurance limits over a period of 15 days, a Medical evacuation was planned on request of the employer.

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International offered to take him to Lahore his hometown in a Commercial flight Stretcher arrangement for financial reasons. All permissions were taken from Emirates airlines - one of the affiliated airlines with HI Flying.

The patient was ground transported to the Medical room at Dubai airport and air transported to Lahore Airport.
A Ground Ambulance took the patient to Lahore General Hospital in Pakistan.
Overall a well planned economical transport of a critical patient from Dubai UAE to Lahore Pakistan.

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